Shopping for Christmas….

As Christmas draws ever closer, your thoughts must be turning to what is going to go into your shopping trolleys each week. There are items you can safely buy in advance and store ( if you have the willpower to resist!) There are items you can freeze ( if you’ve got room!) and of course there’s the fresh items!!!

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This Christmas is set to be, according to the adverts, the best ever without the restrictions that Covid 19 placed on us all last year.

Many of us felt we missed out on Christmas last year and want to make this one extra special – but actually what did we miss? There was plenty of food and alcohol readily available – what we missed was our family and friends, the social part, the get togethers’!

So take a step back and consider it’s not how much food and drink we have that makes Christmas special contrary to what the Christmas advertising this year would lead us to believe!

Also let’s remember when Christmas is over how much food and drink is left and where it will go and who will eat it!

It took many years to realise that the Christmas Cake I made every year (as Mum and I like it) and it looked amazing on the table, the only two that actually ate it was Mum and I – the only two with a weight problem! So I stopped making it and actually no-one noticed and it wasn’t there every minute of every day in January when I wanted to be ‘good’.

I always make mince pies, usually a dozen, I give my Mum six in case she has visitors, I keep the other six and put them in the freezer, then in the summer when i defrost it, I throw them away – out of sight out of mind!!!

It’s time to be realistic about both who it’s being bought for and who actually eats it, also could a smaller size help? I love Stilton cheese, so do three other family members, is it wise to buy a wheel of it? Would it be more prudent to buy a slice?After all when exactly IS it going to be eaten!

Tins of various chocolates, obviously bought early as they’re usually on offer, and If they actually manage to make it to Christmas it would be the ultimate Christmas miracle! So off we go back out to the supermarket and buy them again to put out on the table so you can help yourself whenever you happen to be passing! Is that really a good idea?

Nuts and crisps for the evening?? rather than buying your absolute favourites why not try buying the ones you will find it easier to say no to. I personally get walnuts and pecans – I dislike them but the other guests love them!

Cast your minds back to when shops closed on Saturday and didn’t open until Monday – we all managed! Now the shops are only closed for 2 days Christmas Day and Boxing Day! Many of us have had to adapt to shopping once a week due to Covid 19, so why do we stress and panic buy! There is so much hype over what will and won’t be available this year, but in all honesty, if we had fish fingers for Christmas dinner but could all be together, does it really matter! Perspective is what we all need.

Back in 2016 the average spend on food and drink for Christmas Day was £174.00, imagine what it is now!!! The British Heart Foundation warned that Brits collectively were set to gain 20 million stone over the festive season. So the probability is that could so much worse this year!

A mindful Christmas is not about not having, it’s being aware of your limits and compromise. If you were able to have everything you wanted, but maybe a smaller serving, then the damage to your motivation, self esteem, confidence and weight will not be earth shattering, and the special outfit you bought for Christmas will still fit!

Christmas comes and Christmas goes,

and every extra mouthful shows!


5 thoughts on “Shopping for Christmas….

  1. I decided when I first joined (I won’t mention the name) that I would eat what I wanted for meals at Christmas but no snacks in between and straight back to normal after. It’s worked for me. We don’t have a big family so it will be just us on Christmas day. We won’t be filling supermarket trolleys with stuff but we always treat ourselves to a trip to Melton Mowbray in the week before Christmas to get the best pork pies in the world. They ARE fattening but it’s only once a year and we have a slice as part of a meal, not as a snack in between!

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  2. I also make my own mince pies, two of my friends always come round for my mince pies and a cuppa tea at Xmas. I make about 30 usually and they always take some home and they say it wouldn’t be Xmas without them. I only have one to try them whilst they’re still warm.

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