Best Foot Forward…..

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When you are desperate to lose weight, change shape and become healthier we can fixate on ever more drastic methods to get results fast! Looking at how little others seem to have to do to achieve better results can leave us feeling disheartened. And the major difference is…..

Your metabolism.  I’m sure you’ve read or heard about weird and wonderful ways to boost your metabolism and lose weight! So here’s food for thought…

Breathing – resting metabolism is the biggest part of the total number of calories a person burns in a day.

Chewing – the number of calories a person burns in a day comes from the calories required to process the food we eat.

Moving – physical activity – aerobic activity tends to burn a lot more calories than resistance activity ( weights)

Being active is the only significant way to boost metabolism and boost your weight loss efforts. Many of us start with great intentions, however to see results takes both time and commitments, so whatever you decide to do, be prepared to invest the time and effort and make sure you love doing it, otherwise you’ll find excuses to not do it. Maybe commit with a friend?

Activity monitors – Use them – actually it seems everyone who thinks they aren’t very active should have one as you can monitor activity and it challenges you to do a little more even if it’s only an extra 2 steps a day everyday, imagine how much more you could do in a year! Sadly if you don’t know how much you are currently doing, how can you increase it!

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Looking at the assorted types of footwear above, which activity goes with each?

  • Housework
  • Walking/Rambling
  • Holiday strolling
  • Dog walking/Gardening
  • Dancing
  • Running/Gym

A word of caution, try not to see doing more as a way to reward yourself with food, your reward will be you feel happier, healthier and your shape will change.


If you only exercise your jaw then your hips will end up wider than before

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