Savvy Suppers….

What is a supper???? The dictionary definition is ‘A light meal served late in the evening’ and also it comes form he old French word Souper… could be an idea!!

One of the reasons we go looking for an evening snack can be that our evening meal wasn’t exciting, filling either mentally or physically so we’re not satisfied and may feel deprived. It may be simply addressing your evening meal and making sure it ticks all the boxes could be all you need to do.

It could be that you really enjoy a snack in the evening, and why not! YOU DON’T CREATE A WEIGHT PROBLEM BY HAVING A SNACK – WHAT YOU SNACK ON WILL!!

Its really easy to create your own Raita dip, using fat free plain yoghurt, mint, cucumber and garlic, rather than buying ready made. Salsa again quick and easy to make – basically chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions (and any other vegetables or fruit you fancy adding). Hummus is also easy to make with chick peas, light tahini paste, garlic and lemon juice is the original, but why not try roasted red pepper, beetroot, garlic white bean, avocado, black bean, sun dried tomato and basil, the list goes on and on. Little bowls with the dips, carrot, celery, cucumber, peppers and how about a toasted pitta cut into strips!! You could also invest in a mandoline slicer (not musical instrument), thinly slice your carrots, parsnip, beetroot etc mix in a bag a teaspoon of vegetable oil, salt & pepper, garlic, 1 teaspoon paprika then add your thinly sliced vegetables and mix them all up and bake for approx 40 mins gas 3/140 fan perfect a low calorie supper!

Top tips for evening snacking include..

  • Plan
  • Prepare
  • Check calories
  • Be mindful of portion size
  • Adjust your food intake throughout the day to allow for your snack, be aware of the type of food you are snacking on for example crisps( carbs) and have less during the day.

If you really want a sweet chocolate fix!!! There’s always the options/highlights chocolate drink. You could use choc shot warmed up and use it as a dip for fruit. You could also thread individual pieces of fruit on to a skewer and drizzle with 1/2 teaspoon of warmed honey/syrup. Again it does come down to plan and prepare, or buy it ready sliced/chopped – all the supermarkets do it If you are a person who enjoys a supper and it isn’t a habit you want change then you don’t need to. If your suppers are not helping you on your journey then something needs to change!

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Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper

francis bacon

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