Wow……1 year on……

Happy Birthday !!!!!

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Let’s cast our minds back to this time last year, we had begun to come out of a series of lock-downs, we still faced an uncertain future as regards to future lock-downs, COVID cases, work, life etc. Many of you were dreading the return to normality, going back out and facing people, also dreading what to wear as the majority of people had also gained between 1 – 2 stone.

For Sonya and I it was a very different set of worries, would we be able to launch our new business? Did we consider our meeting arrangements safe for our members? Would our prospective members come? But there was also the huge anticipation and excitement of being back in our meetings with our ‘family’

So what has the year brought?

  • We have held over 500 meetings
  • We have published 100 blogs on our Website
  • We have had 25,000 views to our Website blogs
  • We have shared over 750 Social Media posts
  • Our members have lost an amazing 6,230 lbs which is an incredible 445 stones

Sonya and I are so very proud to have launched our new company, we’re proud to be part of our members success, celebrated every milestone achievement, shared in your joy at feeling happier and healthier, have loved watching your confidence and self-esteem grow each week, and been part of your special occasions where you’ve shone. What better reward could there ever be!

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So if you’re reading this and thinking….. I wish I’d joined a year ago, imagine where I would be now? Do it today and let’s see where this year takes you!!!

A year from now you may wish you had started today

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7 thoughts on “Wow……1 year on……

  1. Happy Birthday S.L.I.M. Today was amazing. I’m so glad I joined a year ago, with the help and support of my S.L.I.M family. Yes I can honestly say I have yo-yoed but I have stayed strong and it has paid off. Thank you 😊

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  2. It was a wonderful morning celebrating the first year anniversary of S.L.I.M ..being with people who are in the same position as you.. they become your’s been hit and miss with my eating due to family health issues but if I wasn’t with Jackies class my weight could have been much worse.. finally with jackies caring help my weight is going in the right direction.

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  3. Best thing I did, continuing my journey with Jackie, the only person who has managed to make me realise that the problem is not in my genes, it’s in my head. And so happy to be part of the team, it gives me my own special ‘me time’, and the added bonus of meeting so many lovely people.

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