Bargain Brits?????

Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess baggage, the shorter the trip.


Sun, Sea and ………..

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It’s with much waited anticipation that we are finally able to travel to our favourite holiday destinations across the world, without too many restrictions, PCR’S, passenger locator forms and many of the additional stresses that went with flying during the pandemic!

The excitement of booking that wonderful destination, that hotel, the board basis, that beach, the weather, the food?? When you are booking your holiday and you read the reviews, how important is the food rating? Do you choose your destination based on the foods you love? Got to be Italy as I adore pizza and pasta?

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When you are choosing your board basis, all inclusive, half board, bed and breakfast, or room only, it’s important to remember that food and drink are, of course, part of your holiday – But not ALL your holiday, this year let’s focus on feeling as good about ourselves when we return rather than feeling guilty because of all the extra’s you have over indulged in.

If you took a step back and thought through each individual meal and the snacks you would normally have on holiday and the consequences you have had when you return and face the scales, where is it that your good intentions go astray?

Breakfast – Is it all those wonderful cakes, pastries, croissants,doughnuts, waffles….the list is endless! BUT – There will also be delicious fresh fruit ( all chopped and ready to eat!), yoghurt, cereals, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs every which way, beans, omelettes, pancakes, bread, jam, toast – in fact anything you could possibly wish for and more. So if you really love a croissant (maybe 2-3) YOU ARE ON HOLIDAY!!! Why not save it till you’ve had a healthier selection first then maybe one will do, or you may be too full and can say no thanks!

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When you take that step back and review the other meals, lunch and evening meal, isn’t the same true as for breakfast? Lots of choices and many are healthier, so again choose to indulge on your absolute favourite last and savour it!

Alcohol…. It’s in your hands, drinking too much alcohol throughout the day is very dehydrating and can leave you feeling poorly, similar to sunstroke. So it is an important lesson to learn from the locals, keep drinking plenty of water. The last thing you want is to lose days of your holiday ill in bed!!

All Inclusive holidays can be equally as healthy or as damaging as you want them to be, it really is up to you. Regardless of the hotel, there will always be choices, make this holiday the one you make wise ones!

This year make sure all your excess baggage is in your case – you’re not wearing it!

Jackie and Sonya

10 thoughts on “Bargain Brits?????

  1. Fabulous blog. Can’t wait to go on holiday and enjoy the array of freshly prepared fruits and salads and just enjoy the sun and relaxation with no washing upπŸ˜‚

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  2. Not going on holiday this year but looking forward to school summer holidays. I’ll enjoy the lovely sun 🀞🏻 and days out with my boys. While drinking plenty of water and making healthy choices along the way 😊

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  3. I always think that the fruit tastes fresher on holiday, the yoghurts are more flavoursome and the salads are all there ready made for you with amazing colours. Adding a nice bit of salmon to your salad is a perfect holiday meal. It’s all about making healthy choices 😊

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  4. Looking forward to our holiday on the Isle of Wight, I try to only eat out a few times in the week. Healthy meals in the flat so we can enjoy a small ice cream.

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