Do I REALLY need one?

A Shopping List!

Sometimes we need to do a little soul searching and honesty regarding what we buy each time we shop and actually who is it for! It’s often been said to me……

I can’t expect the other people in my home to be deprived because I’m ‘Dieting’ so I HAVE to buy it….

If you have eaten it YOU HAVE deprived them!!

Just think for a minute …… if you are buying food for other people in your home but you normally end up eating it before they even know its there the only person who would be affected by not buying it would be you not them.

What about looking at the type and flavour of things you are buying if a different flavour of crisps is one you don’t like but the other people in your house will eat, then you are not depriving them but you are helping your self control

It makes sense to look at who, what, why and when you buy it, and the easiest way to make sure you don’t give in to impulse buying is to either shop online as it saves your previous order or make a list and STICK to it.

A shopping list is so important which is why we’ve included one on your in meeting weekly food diary.

Studies have shown we are more successful when we keep a food diary and make a shopping list. Also with the rising food costs it’s important to be more focused and controlled with the items we place in our trolleys, we need to be more mindful of both the financial and emotional cost!

Understanding how the huge supermarkets are geared up to encourage you to spend both more and unwisely is possibly the first step in being a successful shopper……

They will use strategies like

  • 3 for 2
  • Buy 1 get 2 free
  • Real bargains – loss leaders to get you in so that once you are in you are hooked – how many times have you gone for a loaf of bread and spent over £25
  • Move the products to the aisle ends
  • Waft around tempting food aromas
  • Move the products around willy-nilly so that you wander around the store trying to find what you usually buy

Your strategies need to be

  • Plan your meals – so know what foods you need
  • Shopping list – take and stick to it
  • Understand labelling – low fat often means more sugar, low sugar often means higher fat
  • Don’t go shopping hungry – research has shown that you buy more high caloried items when hungry, also need to be eaten in the next day or 2!
  • Only take a certain amount of cash and leave cards at home
  • Shop online and only buy what you need – no temptations

Always remember when you feel it’s your lack of willpower that lets you down if you buy it and it was a pack containing 6 then you have to say no at least 6 times if you say no in the shop it’s not at home so you can’t eat it and you only tested your willpower once.

Another product on the shelf,

Will it go into your trolley?

Will it be your path to success?

Or will it be your folly?

jackie and sonya

3 thoughts on “Do I REALLY need one?

  1. I always make a list for my shopping and stick to it. There maybe times when I’ve forgot to put something down that I need but it’s fruit or veg or maybe the kids yogurt. With the prices rising you have to be in control and be mindful of your surroundings 😊

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  2. I love that line “If you have eaten it you have deprived them!” And yes, a shopping list is essential if you’re planning your meals.

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