It will soon be Halloween so I thought we would dedicate the rest of this Blog to it

Thinking about what is associated with Halloween….

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Twilight – snacking time?  Plenty of low caloried snacks out there, just take time to plan them!

Spirits – get into the spirit with a bloody Mary, or are you in lighter spirits as your journey is progressing exactly as you want it to?

Hobgoblins – if this is you then don’t forget the better choices you could make!

Cauldrons – slow cooker – there are lots of lovely recipes online that could be bubbling away ready for your return after trick/treating (shopping) and don’t forget that wearing your activity monitor/app whilst trick or treating could pay for the hot toddy when you get home.

Spells – a spell is used to transform something into something else. it’s really easy to reduce the amount of higher caloried ingredients to less in virtually every recipe as nearly everything can be bought lower caloried ie; cheese/cream. So if you want the easy way to transform your bodies, recipes can have the perfect spell.

Pumpkin – I bet you were expecting a list Pumpkin recipes but it actually made me think of Cinderella, where on the stroke of midnight everything transforms back to what it was.  But weight-loss isn’t a fairy story it’s about hard work and perseverance and not giving up when the going gets tough, and anyway we don’t want to be pumpkins we want to be the princess!

Ghosts – the ghosts of past events where we had to wear clothes we didn’t want to wear but they were all that fit.  Or it could be the ghost of a chance if you keep hanging on in there that you will become the person you want to be!

Vampires – bloodsuckers – supermarkets they want your money and they will stop at nothing to get it. Be prepared-make a list and stick to it – so really it’s a bit like a clove of garlic

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Spiders – webs – support – meeting – can you do it alone?

  • Fangs – don’t fank me when you achieve your dream or your next award you did it so you should be fanking yourself
  • Bats – how bats are you? If you continually slip up every week, is it worth considering another strategy, remember if you change nothing, then nothing changes!
  • Trick/treat – there is no trick to weight loss, it’s simple out put more, input less!
  • Witches – Which will you choose, a healthier, happier you, or is Autumn too challenging, give up and start again in January? How will you feel then?
  • Scary – this made me think of so many things.  From my point of view what’s scary is the amount of people who think they can cope on their own who will be back in January to re-lose the same weight all over again,  but scary could also be how you feel when you’ve had a week when you know you’ve not been in control and you know you have to go to your meeting to face it so that you can get past it and move on, or it could be the size of your portions when you don’t weigh them, how easy it is to gain a stone, how easy it is to put off till tomorrow what you should have started today, how easy it is to fool yourself that you were born to be this weight, how scary it is to think about how low we can get emotionally over our weight, how scary a healthy BMI is because of how far away it is, how scary how long it will take me, how easy it can be to just give in and go down the slippery slope, how easy it is to start finding other things to do when I should be staying to the meeting

Did you know that Halloween was originally known as Mischief night?

So don’t get up to mischief and here is my best spell to protect you all……

Hubble Bubble magic pot cast a spell that time forgot.

Bless each and every little Snacker and may we not become lazy slackers.

Foot of toad and wing of bat help dissolve all our fat.

So bubble cauldron spit and cuss and bring a weight loss for all of us.

jackie and sonya

One thought on “Halloween……

  1. We have never really celebrated Hallowe’en so for me it doesn’t involve any extra eating or drinking as such. Mind you, that doesn’t mean we won’t be eating and drinking for other reasons! We have a couple of “do’s” on this week but I will get back on track straight afterwards.

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