Up in smoke???

As its Bonfire Night this week its seems appropriate to think about some of the traditional/popular foods that you are likely to be tempted with that could possibly cause an explosion!

What foods are we likely to eat/drink at a Bonfire Party?

Sausages – be honest the only time they will be the a low fat skinless ones is if it is your bonfire party in most cases they will be the big fat bursty ones.

Burgers – ¼ pounders not just an ordinary burger, slice of cheese (not low fat), onions, tomato sauce

Rolls – these are most probably going to be the larger burger buns

Alcohol – at a pub yes you will be drinking pub measures but if it’s at a friend’s then don’t forget its elbow measures.

Jacket potatoes – but remember the butter (it won’t be low fat spread) , cheese (not low fat), baked beans, chilli etc

Think about what needs to happen if you still intend to lose weight next week and what steps you WILL take to make it a reality.

It’s the hidden extras that can cause the problems and stop us from sparkling, but only if we let them if you know the true cost then you can make better choices for the right result.

its not just about what you eat/drink on the night it’s about how it can fit into a healthy eating day and what compromises you are prepared to make, both before during and after. Possibly one of the biggest things is being realistic about what is going to be available and making a decision before you go about what you ARE going to have rather than being led astray on the night.

Remember, remember being more active can help you stay in a more positive mindset which can help with your decision making and also help balance the books with the calories earned by being active.

Don’t forget you still need to be spot on or all your efforts can very easily go up in smoke and if that happens then you really must be spot on with being in your meeting the next week for help with getting back on track.

Photo by Votsis Panagiotis on Pexels.com
Photo by Daisy Anderson on Pexels.com

As we all know fireworks can be dangerous just as food and drink can be dangerous to our weight loss success so here is Our Firework Code

  • NEVER miss a meal, as it can be very dangerous to your control.
  • NEVER carry dangerous food around with you in your pocket or your car.
  • ALWAYS read labels carefully – you never know how dangerous a food can be.
  • ALWAYS keep all tempting foods in an airtight tin.
  • ALWAYS stand well back from the buffet table
  • NEVER return to a cake once cut as it could explode around your bum.

Remember; remember the 5th of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot,

If you eat too many hot dogs and burgers

Your weight loss will not be a lot. 

So please be mindful so you can indulge

On the food and the drink of bonfire night,

Then you’ll be a cracker, your clothes will be slacker

And your weight loss will be just right.

Remember; remember why you are a member

And a path to your goal you must plot

So stick with your plan, you know that you can

Then your weight will improve quite a lot

Jackie and sonya

One thought on “Up in smoke???

  1. I think this comment is particularly useful to remember: being realistic about what is going to be available and making a decision before you go about what you ARE going to have rather than being led astray on the night.

    But I also love the comment about the exploding cake!!!

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