How can we make our weight loss a top priority when we are very good at making excuses? Over the years I’ve acquired a diary of excuses…

  • Weather – Snowed/Rained/Windy/Sunny/Cold/Hot (so how many days does that leave then)
  • Tired (365 days of the year!!!)
  • Don’t like – Water/Fruit or Veg/Milk/Breakfast/Margarine/Exercise/Slow weight loss
  • Didn’t have time to – Plan/Prepare/Fill in a food diary/Make a shopping list/Shop/Cook/Stay to a meeting/Check portions
  • Or could it be – Poorly/Star week
  • Stress
  • Boredom
  • Happy/Sad!!!!

No doubt you can think of many others you could add to the list, and lets face it we could come up with thousands more excuses if we really put our minds to it.

If you continually use excuses like these then you will ultimately be flushing any chance of weight loss success down the toilet.

But none of them will help us achieve a weight loss and sparkle for Christmas

So let’s look at how we can channel that wasted energy so that it helps rather than hinders.

Weather – at this time of the year it’s expected to be cold/wet/windy so instead have a strategy to help us deal with it. 

Tired – what does tired actually mean?  Is it more like can’t be bothered?  But don’t forget if you are totally sick and tired of the weight you are then you have to be bothered tired or not. 

Don’t like

  • Water – Too cold to drink the water who said it has to be cold. Whether you like it or not your body needs it and will lose weight better if you drink it.
  • Fruit or Veg –why not try to disguise it, liquidise it, blend it, soup it stew it, casserole it, roast it, bake it, stir-fry it or just learn to like it.
  • Milk – ditto for Fruit/Veg (custard/sauces/milkshakes/smoothies/yoghurt)
  • Breakfast – same answer it’s about looking for ways that you can rather than you can’t
  • Margarine – so have a spread you do like but just factor it in
  • Exercise – it’s not fun, it hurts  then is it the right activity for you/
  • Slow weight loss – but its healthy that way and sustainable – small steps for big changes. and don’t forget a slow weight loss is 100% better than NO weight loss!
Photo by Mat Brown on Pexels.com

Didn’t have time……..

  • To exercise – nobody’s asking you to join a gym or become Kelly Holmes, every time we move we exercise so why not monitor it (activity app) you might be surprised at how much you actually have found time to do.
  • To use your food diary – but if you don’t then you don’t really know where you may be making mistakes, or possibly what you did that gave you that superb weight loss!!
  • To cook it – buy it ready made then but either way you have to know what it costs. Cook in bulk on the days you do have time
  • To stay to meeting – members who do stay to a meeting lose 3 x more weight, the choice is yours
  • To weigh and measure –new habits can feel strange to begin with, but none of us would dream of following a recipe in a cookbook without weighing the ingredients!! Because we want the perfect result- same as losing weight!

Poorly/Star week – when you aren’t well quite often this can affect your weight losses but if you compound the issue with comfort eating then you won’t have any weight loss at all.

Stress – activity relieves stress but if the only activity you are taking part in is eating then you will not get a weight loss.

Boredom – whose fault is it and what could help you?

Happy/Sad – emotional eating doesn’t bring us any comfort it just gives us another problem we have to deal with.

If we are prepared to deal with and get rid of our excuses then we will all end up with the slim inner  person that we all want to be,

It’s time to turn over that new leaf and get cracking on our efforts to sparkle NO EXCUSES!

All My Great Excuses

I started with my food diary, but my pen ran out of ink.

My hamster ate my shopping list and my phone went on the blink.

I accidentally dropped it in the soup that I was cooking.

Then my son flushed it down the toilet when I wasn’t looking.

My mother ran my membership card through the washer and the dryer.

An airplane crashed into our house and my food diary caught on fire.

Tornadoes blew my notes away, Volcanoes struck our town.

My good intentions were absconded by an evil killer clown. 

Some aliens abducted me. I had a shark attack.

A pirate swiped my stash of fruit and refused to give them back.

It took so long to make these up I realized, with dread,

It would have just been easier stick to it instead.

with apologies to kenn nesbitt

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