Idle Hands?

As the Autumn nights draw in and thoughts turn to what else we may draw in and as we are spending longer inside our homes it’s a perfect opportunity to rethink the ways in which we can choose to occupy our minds and hands to fill those hours with anything other than food! Through-out the longer summer day’s we may have spent more time in the garden or out more, leaving less time to make unwise snacking choices.

So thinking about hobbies, do you have one? Did you have one? Is it worth looking at a new hobby something you always fancied trying but never got round to, or even revisiting an old one.

There are many benefits to taking up a hobby.

A hobby usually involves keeping your hands busy, and also your mind so less idle time thinking about food.

You are also accomplishing something, which is a wonderful sense of achievement and pride.

The Autumn and Winter months may seem very long, so having something to focus on will help them to pass productively, and if it’s a constructive hobby – you’ll have something to show for it too.

A recent TV programme about ‘mindless eating’ especially in the evening had top experts offering solutions like taking up a new hobby, or a stress ball as it’s not our minds that are in need of occupying as you are probably watching the TV, it’s our hands!

Something that is always worth remembering is…..

If we change nothing – Nothing will change.

Our summer bodies are under construction during the winter months, when it’s wrap up warm time in those big cosy jumpers that cover a multitude of sins.

But it can also be the time when we are less active, because the activity we were used to doing isn’t as easy now it’s dark earlier. Maybe look at simple things you can do inside? Dancing to your favourite songs is free, fun and burns calories as well as altering your body shape!

So idle hands could just be responding to the lack of activity in your life during the cold winter months, just remember all the effort you put in now will be revealed in the spring when we peel off those big cosy jumpers and see the new slimmer you! Just like all the spring bulbs are getting ready to burst into life and bloom, we can too with just a few changes to our behaviour, habits and choices.

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The devil finds work for idle hands

henry david thoreau

12 thoughts on “Idle Hands?

  1. It’s certainly true that if you are doing something with your hands like sewing or even a jigsaw, you do tend to not want to snack. Jigsawplanet has some great online jigsaws. I love doing them!

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  2. I’ve just bought some knitting wool 🧶
    I’m not the best knitter, but hopefully will keep me busy during these dark nights and keep me out of the kitchen!

    The jigsaw idea is a really good one too, which I might try. Thank you for the ideas!

    Was really pleased tonight as I got my stone award snd I’m feeling really motivated. Just need to keep it up now.

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  3. I started an art course a couple of weeks ago and I’m really enjoying getting back to painting/drawing again – my daughter also bought me a lovely book that gives me 365 art projects to complete, so I’m going to start using that more. I also love to write letters to my penfriends and have been remiss and not sent any snail mail recently – that’s another thing on my list to stop me thinking about snacking!

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  4. It’s true. On the evenings when I have a rehearsal or a meeting the snacking is nil.
    I think I might look at learning something new. Maybe a new craft.
    Really thought provoking. Thank you.

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