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When our routines get disrupted and our time isn’t structured, it can be extra challenging to maintain the healthy habits we’ve developed. Understanding the power of routines – and making the most of them when schedules are out of sorts – can help us stay focused.

Thinking about what you typically do as part of your normal routine, and for most of us we’re not sure exactly what ‘normal’ looks like anymore, we’re a bit in limbo, always waiting and wondering what the future looks like, but if we still focus on ourselves that’s something that IS in our control.

Creating new routines can help us balance our daily responsibilities with the things we enjoy and things we do to take care of our health – like eating healthier, being active, and getting enough sleep. Also ask yourself how eating well and staying active can help you maintain a routine? It’s also worth looking at the routines that are leading us astray, coffee and biscuits/cake. Snacks in the evening with a nice chilled glass!!!

Could meal prep or cooking time serve as a way to structure your day? It appears many of us during lockdown have brushed up on our cooking skills – sadly mostly cakes, high calorie & high fat. Why not look for fabulous lower calorie versions, there’s loads online if you Google them, again, its easy to not be bothered and I can’t, instead how can I? In fact recent surveys suggest that, we are more likely to overeat when we are out of our typical routine. Many people are now comparing how much they enjoyed their routines under lockdown So maybe we should be learning how to bring into life now the bits we really liked then!

You may have returned to your usual gym or yoga class, but if not, could you take a walk once a day up and down the garden/front room, or even pop on a CD and dance a bit, always a great way to create a good mood! Loads of other options online check out YouTube!

Also consider anything you’ve wanted to do, but haven’t been able to get to in your typical day-to-day. Hobbies? Idle Hands?

What might you try adding to your routine if you now have some extra time on your hands? Or less if your working day has a different structure?

For example, perhaps you’d like to begin a once-daily five-minute deep breathing or meditation practice, meal planning and meal preparation

Finally, once you’ve decided what you’d like to prioritize into your new routine, decide when you will do it and then make a schedule for yourself.

Remember Consistent routines provide structure to our days that can help us feel grounded and maintain those all important healthy habits. This is especially important at times when things feel out of our control or when we have a lot of open time on our hands. 

Time is what we most want, but what we use worst

William Penn


One thought on “Routines

  1. I certainly think good time management is important and makes a huge difference to how much you can get done in a day or a week etc. Thinking ahead is all part of it. Of course, plans change and routines get disrupted. That’s life!


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