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With Easter nearly here, this is a good time to reflect on how far we have already come, how much we have achieved and how proud we are of the new strategies and behaviours we have learnt. Easter also brings the first bank holiday of the year and as some of us struggle with a normal 2 day week-end this is normally the only one with a 4 day week-end (this year we have an extra one to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee), which you may be already viewing as an opportunity to let go of the reins! Or it could be seen as a chance to have a little more free time to spend on doing something productive or anything you haven’t had time to do.The weather should be improving and the nights will be lighter, rather than looking at the negatives as it’s all about chocolate! Let’s focus on the positives regarding Easter!

Easter can be just another excuse for gaining weight (not a reason)

E – Is for Eggs.  A good staple food and so versatile hard boiled, soft boiled with soldiers, poached, scrambled and fried, in fact it’s an amazing all round fabulous source of protein – so how do you eat yours???

A – Could be Asking for what you want, you may not want an Easter Egg this year, you might prefer something to wear, relax with or do. If you don’t share your thoughts, you can’t complain when you get what you always had! it could be Activity, a fabulous Eater Egg hunt in the garden, weather permitting, if not inside ( my grandsons have said they would rather have money in their eggs to hunt for rather than chocolate)  Enjoying a walk If the weather is nice, but there are all sorts of places you could go for a walk but if it isn’t then remember walking round a DIY store, or garden center is still activity!! Could also be Attitude: (PMA- positive mental attitude) Remember if you think you can do it you will do it!

S – Successful Strategies – means planning and if you are not planning to succeed then I’m afraid you are planning to fail – which then leads me nicely to……

T – Transformation – your journey is well underway, you are becoming happier, healthier and lighter, don’t let life’s hurdles become a road block. It is ONLY 4 days! 

E – Energy – Being more mindful of the foods we eat, the meals we choose, the extra activity we do will all increase our energy levels, the greater zest for life we have the easier making better choices will become.

R – Realistic – it is so important to be realistic in our expectations not only for this coming week but for every week and last but not least whatever happens Return and we’ll Re-group, Re-motivate, Re-inspire and Re-focus.

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E – Eating out. If you are eating out over the holiday hopefully you all know the tactics you will need to be using – you can eat out and still lose weight but it doesn’t happen by accident. Compromise is the key to being successful, what can you economise on at your other meals over the day. Eating out is NOT the reason for a weight gain – however what you chose may be!!

G – Goal setting over the holiday. So what would you be acceptable to you on the scales the week after Easter? For some it’s a gain, for others it’s balance and staying the same, it can also be a weight loss if planned!

G – Going away. For some this is the start of the holiday season, again, think about what you want to achieve and plan to make sure it happens. If it goes badly wrong, remember…..

S – Success is coming and facing no matter what it’s not just for Easter it’s for the rest of your life!

  • IF you bite it, write it
  • IF you drink it, ink it
  • IF you imbibe it, then scribe it
  • IF it goes down your throat, then make a note!

Because if you don’t then we all know the consequences.

Don’t let Easter treats

Turn into cheats

Record what you eat

For results that are sweet

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A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though he knows you are slightly cracked

bernard meltzer

7 thoughts on “Easter

  1. This Easter I’ve asked for a new book to read which doesn’t come out till later this month so I’ve settled for a Lego Easter bunny for the time being. Can’t wait to build it 🤣😊


  2. Easter eggs is something that I have not had for years but like one of the previous comments I also like M & S Blueberry Hotcross buns but have only bought a pack of 4 so can only have 2 of them and told myself I can have one only after I have done the steps to cover it.


  3. I’ve got a small chocolate egg for Easter and I’m looking forward to it. I shall savour all of it and then it’s done. I know I’m having it so can adjust my eating accordingly.


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