How do you eat yours????

So how DO you eat yours? Standing up, Over the sink, Watching TV, On your own, On the kitchen table, In the car, On the bus, On the train, On the plane, Quickly, Or do you prefer to take your time and really enjoy it! What am I talking about? – Snacking!! I lost someContinue reading “How do you eat yours????”

Feasting with the Easter Bunny?

In order to get the best results possible this Easter we need to look at what will help us stay in control. Some of us find we are more likely to stay in control if we plan our eating in advance and write a shopping list and stick to it as this can quite oftenContinue reading “Feasting with the Easter Bunny?”

What are you’re levels like?

I imagine many of our stress levels have been a ‘little’ higher over the last few months than normal.  Thousands of years ago, when humans encountered dangers – like a bear chasing them in the woods – our bodies would release hormones that sent us into a “fight or flight” response. This quickens our heartContinue reading “What are you’re levels like?”

Why is Breakfast the best meal of the day?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day when it comes to satisfaction, and those that have it are more successful in their weight loss journey. Research has shown that eating a breakfast gives better long term weight loss success, better concentration and work output and can help you to avoid the mid-morning slumpContinue reading “Why is Breakfast the best meal of the day?”

Always a Reason….

I thought this would give us food for thought, and maybe some home truths?? January – My New Years’ resolution’s decided, I just won’t be beaten As soon as my Christmas leftovers are eaten. But it’s snowy and cold and I need comfort food In February I’ll start, when I feel in the mood FebruaryContinue reading “Always a Reason….”


As humans, we can be absolutely brilliant at creating a wide range of excuses but ultimately they limit our capabilities. From avoiding the gym to studying for an exam or sticking to a healthy eating plan, too often we look for excuses about why we can’t, even though we want the results in the momentContinue reading “Excuses”