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For many of us the 1st of January will see the start of of our New Years resolutions- all those things we want to achieve…and for how many will it be the same as all the other years, to lose weight, become healthier, be more active and so on. Then on opening the fridge discover everything left over for the celebrations and delay for another day, week, month, season or even year. And all the time we delay , heavier we will weigh!

So maybe instead of wishes and hopes it’s time to make a determined plan of action as to the steps we WILL take to make sure this is not another wasted year!

Hopefully if you are already a member in meetings you will have made some great choices over Christmas and the New Year to ensure you are not left with surplus goodies that you are tempted by, you won’t have over-indulged, and you are already focusing on a healthy week by having planned and prepared your meals, specifically getting plenty of fruit and vegetables, staying hydrated, making your meals interesting and varied and making healthy swaps where possible. Planning some activity every day.

Getting a great 1st week of the New Year will give you a tremendous boost, increase your self-esteem. and of course your sense of pride, as well as possibly a weight loss! Remember to build on that for the following week and not rest on your laurels!

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All too often those resolutions that were so important just a few short weeks ago have now been forgotten, or relegated to the future…when it’s not cold, wet, dark, better weather, your head is ready, in short sometime never just as it’s been before.

Your future is in your hands, there will never be a cure, it will not be easy, BUT 100% it WILL be worth it, and this time next year you will be so glad you decided 2022 was definitely the year to become your best YOU.

Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself.

Go forward and make your dreams come true.

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