With all that’s been going off in the sports world recently – Euro 2020, Wimbledon and coming soon the golf open “the balls in your court” Quite topical at the moment is obviously football and then tennis – have you ever had a go? Who loves it, who is sick of it? There are manyContinue reading “Ball’s”


Today we’re going to have a virtual BBQ and you’re coming to my house Welcome to my BBQ.  Its 3 pm – You have just arrived, unfortunately I’m a little late getting organised and just setting up the BBQ when you arrive. No problem, what do you want to drink?   Its 4 pm – EveryoneContinue reading “BBQ’S”

Anyone for tennis?

We all know the benefits of being more active we all want a slimmer summer and as well as following a healthy eating plan, being more active will help you find that summer shape quicker. Thinking of summer, here are a few sports/activities/exercises we usually associate British Summertime….. Gardening/Swimming/waking the dogs/walking on the beach/Frisbee/school sportsContinue reading “Anyone for tennis?”

Time to start shedding the ‘Lockdown’ lbs

It seems that ‘Lockdown’ has shown us many things we would never have believed would happen, different ways of working, or not working, being at home more and with the same people 24/7 some have loved it- some have not. The majority of the population who have a weight problem have significantly gained weight inContinue reading “Time to start shedding the ‘Lockdown’ lbs”

Whats on your plate?

So how big is yours? How do you typically decide how much of a certain food is right for you? Many factors impact the portion sizes we choose, including how much we normally eat, how hungry we feel, how much we enjoy that particular food,and how much food is available. I was thinking back toContinue reading “Whats on your plate?”

Recipe for Success….

Let’s think about getting back to basics. We are going to look at what actually is the recipe is to success! You will need a vivid imagination… I want you to imagine that I am stood in front of you with my apron on, an empty bowl and a wooden spoon and we’re going toContinue reading “Recipe for Success….”

Herbs and Spices

It’s very easy to become bored and stale with the meals we are eating, but something as simple as changing to different herbs and spices in your cooking can really make a huge difference, with no added calories!! If you regularly cook with herbs and spices you’ll already have discovered the value of creating andContinue reading “Herbs and Spices”

Packing up????

For many of us during this pandemic, our holiday plans may have had to significantly change. Those who preferred to holiday on foreign shores may be looking to the English Riviera this year. So is holidaying in Britain very different? Many would say yes, lots of advantages, for example no foreign language to master, easyContinue reading “Packing up????”