Best Foot Forward…..

When you are desperate to lose weight, change shape and become healthier we can fixate on ever more drastic methods to get results fast! Looking at how little others seem to have to do to achieve better results can leave us feeling disheartened. And the major difference is….. Your metabolism.  I’m sure you’ve read orContinue reading “Best Foot Forward…..”

More than just a number…

Imagine you walked in to your meeting and I said, “Sorry, the scales aren’t working! How was your week?” What information could you use to determine how things went. You feel better? Your clothes are less tight? You can walk further? You’re happier? Your blood pressure has dropped and you need less tablets? You areContinue reading “More than just a number…”


With Easter nearly here, this is a good time to reflect on how far we have already come, how much we have achieved and how proud we are of the new strategies and behaviours we have learnt. Easter also brings the first bank holiday of the year and as some of us struggle with aContinue reading “Easter”

Emotional Eating..

Let’s consider the emotional side to our journey towards a happier and healthier person and how different emotions affect us. It’s often not what we are eating it’s WHY we are eating it! So what pushes your buttons? Do you know what is likely to send you over the edge? Boredom/Anger/stress/tired/no time/celebrating/disappointment etc. By knowingContinue reading “Emotional Eating..”

Do you know where you’re going to??

When it comes to setting goals, knowing what outcome we want to achieve in the long-term (like losing two stone or winning a race) gives us a place to start, but doesn’t show us how to get there. When we focus solely on the outcome, we might take an “at any cost” approach to reachingContinue reading “Do you know where you’re going to??”

Just a coffee???

When I was younger, not so many years ago, if someone suggested meeting up for a coffee it meant you either went to their house, or they came to yours. It wasn’t a frothy coffee, a cappuccino, an americano, latte, mocha etc, it was a teaspoon of instant coffee in a cup with boiling waterContinue reading “Just a coffee???”

Summer bodies are made in winter….

If these are the only items that fit from last year, now is the time to begin to shape the body you desire as summer bodies are made in winter! Our bodies have been buried under layers of jumpers, trackie’s and warm coats, and come the spring and summer we will all be peeling offContinue reading “Summer bodies are made in winter….”

To Toss…. Or Not To Toss??

So are you a tosser??? ( pancakes of course) Can you include pancakes and still lose weight/eat healthily? Of course the answer has got to be yes!! However if you’re thinking of having 6 -10 pancakes, then maybe a rethink is needed. There a few important things to keep in mind, why do I wantContinue reading “To Toss…. Or Not To Toss??”


There has been a lot of research on activity and its benefit to weight loss.A Horizon television programme with Michael Mosley “The truth about exercise” investigated various types of exercise within assorted groups of people and the outcome of his research is that being generally more active is more beneficial to everyone than a oneContinue reading “N.E.A.T”