Do you do enough?

Have a go at our activity quiz to find out how active you really are. Activity Quiz – answer yes or no Do you stair stack (pile things on the stairs)? Do you use an electric mixer/liquidiser/food processor? Do you avoid hanging clothes on the washing line?  Have you got a tumble dryer? Do youContinue reading “Do you do enough?”

Whats on your plate?

So how big is yours? How do you typically decide how much of a certain food is right for you? Many factors impact the portion sizes we choose, including how much we normally eat, how hungry we feel, how much we enjoy that particular food,and how much food is available. I was thinking back toContinue reading “Whats on your plate?”

Recipe for Success….

Let’s think about getting back to basics. We are going to look at what actually is the recipe is to success! You will need a vivid imagination… I want you to imagine that I am stood in front of you with my apron on, an empty bowl and a wooden spoon and we’re going toContinue reading “Recipe for Success….”

Herbs and Spices

It’s very easy to become bored and stale with the meals we are eating, but something as simple as changing to different herbs and spices in your cooking can really make a huge difference, with no added calories!! If you regularly cook with herbs and spices you’ll already have discovered the value of creating andContinue reading “Herbs and Spices”

Packing up????

For many of us during this pandemic, our holiday plans may have had to significantly change. Those who preferred to holiday on foreign shores may be looking to the English Riviera this year. So is holidaying in Britain very different? Many would say yes, lots of advantages, for example no foreign language to master, easyContinue reading “Packing up????”

A Spanner in the Works

What puts a spanner in the works for your weight loss? Poorly (you, partner, kids) Deserved a treat Fed up Birthday/ Anniversary/ Meal out/ Party School Holiday Needed cheering up/ Depressed/ Disappointed/stressed For every spanner in the weight loss works there’s often a simple solution that you can use to help you solve it PoorlyContinue reading “A Spanner in the Works”

Never enough!!!

The key to successful weight loss is staying motivated every week and often that can seem impossible because we only look at the numbers and find it difficult to accept not every week will the result be seen on the scales, sometimes its making better decisions that long term will lead us to where weContinue reading “Never enough!!!”