Shopping for Christmas….

As Christmas draws ever closer, your thoughts must be turning to what is going to go into your shopping trolleys each week. There are items you can safely buy in advance and store ( if you have the willpower to resist!) There are items you can freeze ( if you’ve got room!) and of courseContinue reading “Shopping for Christmas….”

The Best Present………

As Christmas is fast approaching and we are asking our nearest and dearest exactly what they would like for Christmas…. Who asks you? If you had to choose a gift for yourself (money no object!) Is there something you would choose above anything else? Often gifts are bought and exchanged with little thought, just aContinue reading “The Best Present………”

A Cracker for Christmas????

Who would love to be a cracker this Christmas??? I’m sure we all would love to feel at our very best, so our thoughts should be turning to how to achieve it!! The most important weapon in achieving success has got to be getting our mind focused and ready. Many people sadly feel there’s noContinue reading “A Cracker for Christmas????”

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

Your mind is a powerful thing and what you tell yourself or believe can either hinder or support your journey. As we get ever closer to Christmas with all the frivolities, parties, and entertaining which all involves food and drink more of you are going to be thinking I can’t stay focused and eat healthilyContinue reading “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – YOU ARE RIGHT!!!”


How can we make our weight loss a top priority when we are very good at making excuses? Over the years I’ve acquired a diary of excuses… Weather – Snowed/Rained/Windy/Sunny/Cold/Hot (so how many days does that leave then) Tired (365 days of the year!!!) Don’t like – Water/Fruit or Veg/Milk/Breakfast/Margarine/Exercise/Slow weight loss Didn’t have timeContinue reading “Excuses….”

Idle Hands?

As the Autumn nights draw in and thoughts turn to what else we may draw in and as we are spending longer inside our homes it’s a perfect opportunity to rethink the ways in which we can choose to occupy our minds and hands to fill those hours with anything other than food! Through-out theContinue reading “Idle Hands?”

Snack Attack!!!

It’s said by so many people who are trying to lose weight, that often it’s not their meals that cause problems, it’s the extra’s in-between! Most of which can be high calorie, high fat and high sugar which can then set up the craving to have even more. Which then usually leaves you feeling guilty,Continue reading “Snack Attack!!!”

Up in smoke???

As its Bonfire Night this week its seems appropriate to think about some of the traditional/popular foods that you are likely to be tempted with that could possibly cause an explosion! What foods are we likely to eat/drink at a Bonfire Party? Sausages – be honest the only time they will be the a lowContinue reading “Up in smoke???”


It will soon be Halloween so I thought we would dedicate the rest of this Blog to it Thinking about what is associated with Halloween…. Twilight – snacking time?  Plenty of low caloried snacks out there, just take time to plan them! Spirits – get into the spirit with a bloody Mary, or are youContinue reading “Halloween……”